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kasiopeia [userpic]
Comic #3
by kasiopeia (kasiopeia)
at 16th January 2007 (20:38)

current mood: artistic

A new page. I think it is going rather well, since we actually have updated every day since we started this :)

I am pretty happy about this one. Made it at school today, with harbek hanging over my shoulder to make me finish it. So here it is.

Page threeCollapse )

Krissy [userpic]
Comic #2
by Krissy (harbek)
at 16th January 2007 (06:14)

Yes, another page of Reusco: WoT?. Done in the state of full consciousness, at school as a matter of fact, and yes, I am often a snobbish, nitpicky bastard when it comes to drawing, as you can see in my personal journal, where I post lots of art. (*shamless pimp*).

I'd actually finished it already when this community was started, but kasiopeia told me it was uncool to post the first two pages in the same day, so I waited.

kasiopeia [userpic]
Comic #1
by kasiopeia (kasiopeia)
at 15th January 2007 (16:19)

Welcome to the first Harry Potter and the Really Useless Comic: A Waste Of Time?

We just call it Reusco:WoT?. Or just reusco if you're lazy.

It's gonna be really random, with a lot of minor characters, strange plots, and no one is who you think they are. Or maybe they are who you think they are afterall.

Every other comic will be drawn by me, kasiopeia , and the other half of the comics by harbek .

Enought prattle, on to the first comic... which I did late at night when I was practically falling asleep, so forgive the crappiness. I swear, harbek is really nitpicky, she'll make up for my lack of time.

Page 1, sort of the front page...Collapse )

Comments are MUCHLY appreciated. ♥

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